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My Story & Mission

Kellie Pavelic


Although many have followed Abacus Finance’s achievements over the years, and are aware of our awards and rankings, most would be surprised to know that my career actually started with interest in fashion, it was an industry in which I successfully thrived in.
However flexibility of the job allowed me to venture into different pursuits, and I can honestly say that once I entered the finance and mortgage broking industry, I didn’t look back.

It challenged me to navigate and explore the many different dynamics of the financial industry, and since I came into the industry as a fresh graduate (finance), I was able to see things with “fresh eyes”. It is one thing to have passion and determination, but it is important that we step out of the box, and approach things from different angles, because its imperative to finding solutions.

Putting Clients First

In 2004, I was unexpectedly handed over the wheels to run a small-medium sized entity. I was humbled by my boss’s faith in me, because it is not common for a junior mortgage broker to handle such responsibility, and I was determined not to fail.

So, I decided to focus on not how daunting the task at hand, but rather how my service could help the everyday Australians. I soon realized that many mortgage firms in the area, seemed to provide average “one-size fits all” type deals for their clients, and this often meant that they overlooked problems, and did not fully address the “different” financial concerns of individual clients.

What was even more troubling was the fact that most of these firms were still stuck on using out dated methods and technology, which was worrying to think about. Because one can only imagine how such factors could add to the frustration of individuals.

At the end of the day clients approach financial professionals for help, not more problems! Being aware of these issues, and having a genuine commitment to help our clients, kept us ahead of competition, and won us favour with new clients.
We were determined to get to work and lead my team in a way that moved them to put customers first, but we could only achieve this by analysing the underlying problems and hurdles, and providing viable solutions.

Common Hurdles

When starring at the obvious, we found that clients aren’t up to enduring uncomfortable bank interrogations on their financial history, so they approach mortgage brokers to ease this process, but if the broker isn’t trusted or experienced clients run the risk of giving valuable data to shabby mortgage sales people.

So let’s say they finally find one they can trust, they can’t always count for their experience! Another hurdle clients want to jump over without worry is “getting approval”, and it seems easy right? But matched with an inexperienced mortgage broker, clients run the risk of not getting “pre-approved” and then end up not getting the approval they seek.

Other times they simply can’t compare between different online “pre-approval” assessments, or know which platform is more reliable.

That’s where we stepped in and decided be part of the “change”.

Customer – Oriented Solutions

With a great need to provide customer satisfaction, my team and I began to pinpoint the determining factors, that either qualified or disqualified applicants (borrowers), when seeking approval from lenders.

The data the lenders required in the decision-making progress mainly relied on API (Application Program Interfaces).
So, we decided to give borrowers a head start in this process by creating our very own system which served as more than a standard online assessment, but rather a user-friendly model, that asks specific questions required in the application process in order to heighten a borrower’s chances of success when seeking pre – approval.
By doing so users/clients were able to get an indicative pre-approval in as little as 10 minutes, and the beauty of this is that it installs “customer confidence”.
Clients are happy knowing that they are backed not only with support, but with technology that actually works to ensure better outcomes.

We are happy to be an ambassador of change in the industry, by boldly making successful attempts to tackle problems that millions of Australians face when borrowing, especially now more than ever. As it has been estimated that over 1.5 million Aussies have been battling mortgage stress, and in recent times such has largely been related to the onset of 2020’s pandemic, and subsequent covid recession. There is no doubt that we are willing to assist our clients through this tough period, and beyond.

I can honestly say that our mission is not just about providing service, because anyone can do that. What we want to provide are better options and outcomes, that consumers can rely on.
Whilst incorporating tools and resources that can help build borrowers into becoming not just content consumers, but rather financially and technologically savvy clients.
Financial knowledge is important and we are here to effectively share it with you in order to get the best outcome every time!

Our Commitment to Service - Life Time Service

Since 2005 our team has grown bigger and stronger, we moved from the fast-growing community of Hurstville to a centralized location in Sydney’s CBD (in 2009) where we continue to cater to the demands for customer loans.
Our Sydney city office has since served as a convenient and accessible premise, for our numerous clients and partners.

Today we have a number of branches Australia wide, Sydney, Victoria and ACT, enabling us to achieve our vision of helping individuals reach their financial goals, by providing high-quality loan services for clients seeking personal and commercial loans.

Our growth over the years has been strong, and we have assisted thousands of Australians in buying and refinancing their homes, but we haven’t stopped there and gotten comfortable.
We are still committed to service, technological advancements, and a continuous quest to employ sharp minds that are skilled and passionate about the industry!

Because we are aware of the many sacrifices that are made on the road to home ownership, owning a home is indeed a big deal. So it is only necessary that we continue to think outside the square, and provide tailored solutions that meet your needs, whilst seeing you through the journey without any unnecessary hassles.

Let us assist you by making your home ownership a reality.

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