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How It Works

There's complexity in getting a Mortgage in Australia, so Abacus streamlines the process & makes it easy for you.


First, we’ll chat with you for a complimentary consultation where we’ll assess your position and be able to give you a preliminary indication of approval. We usually have an answer back to you of your best options within 4 hours.


At this stage, and based on our preliminary assessment of your financial needs we’ll go through a selection process identifying loan products that are suitable and meet your needs. You’ll be able to compare mortgage rates, features and benefits from each different lender that meet your needs in order for you to make an informed decision.


Once you’ve selected which home loan is best for you, Abacus will take charge and help you with the preparation of your required documents. This is a joint effort but we’ll take the guessing out of it for you.


Your documents will then be submitted to the lender and we usually have an answer for you within 48 working hours. We don’t submit an application unless we feel that they will be approved to protect your credit score.

Submit Application

Mortgage approval is granted within 48 hours, depending on which lender we choose at which stage, we’ll need to sign some final documentation. Once signed, your funds will be prepared by the bank and accessible for your purchase.