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Commercial Loan Brokerage

Commercial Loans in Australia

Every entrepreneur knows this hard fact: growing your business and taking it to higher grounds cost money. 

Whether you are purchasing a piece of new equipment to improve the quality of your products, widen your repertoire, or improve your efficiency, you will need to finance it. Purchasing, installation, training, and hiring new employees will all cost you money. Even a simple face-lift of your office or business establishment needs a considerable amount.

However, changes are necessary for your businesses to grow and adapt to the changing times. You will need to stay on top of every shift in trends that affect your business. Otherwise, you will be left behind. Growing and constantly improving your business also shows your customers that you are committed to giving them only the best.

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Get Business Loans

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Why do entrepreneurs need a business loan? Here are just some of the good reasons

  • For a bigger office
  • To take your business to new locations
  • To build your credit for larger commercial financing
  • For upgrading your equipment and tools
  • To increase your inventory
  • To hire more people for your team

If you have a small start-up, you can also apply for a small business loan. There may be other circumstances where you will need additional cash for your business operation. Thus, it is crucial to get the right type of loan with competitive commercial loans rates. 

You’d be glad to know that our expert and professional brokers at Abacus Finance are connected to a wide range of lenders and banks. We will help take the guessing work out of your search for the right commercial loan for your needs.


Commercial Loans in Australia

Expanding your business establishment or putting up new physical locations is a sign that your business is booming. While this is happy news, it can also lead to a new problem. Being ready to grow and expand does not mean you have enough cash to do so. If you need to purchase a property to expand your business, then you need to get a commercial property loan. The right commercial property loan can help make your repayments lighter and easier in your pockets.

At Abacus Finance, we will help you in choosing the right financial tools for this momentous step. We will guide you so that in the end, your loan will greatly improve your bottom line. 
To help you make an informed choice, our mortgage brokers will provide you with a list of lenders and banks whose products match your financing needs and capacity to pay. We will provide you with the following information for each commercial loan product:

Proof that you have an Australian bank account
The loan periods
Commercial loans rates
Loan fees
Our experts will give you their recommendations on which loan products are ideally suited for you and have higher chances of approval.

Enjoy A Hassle-Free Application Process for your Commercial Loan

Once you have chosen the right business loan for your needs, we will help with the documentation and the submission of your application. That way, you can focus on your business operation while we handle all the back-and-forth communications with your lender.
Let us help you make better business decisions. Call us for enquiries today.

FAQ's For Commercial Loans

  • What can a commercial loan be used for?

    Commercial loans can be used to fund a property purchase for a business or refinance a loan for a business.

  • How do I qualify for a commercial loan?

    Qualifying for a commercial loan generally requires meeting certain eligibility criteria set by lenders related to the purpose of the loan. Factors considered may include the borrower’s business financials, creditworthiness, business plan, collateral, and industry experience. Lenders may also evaluate the business’s cash flow, and

  • What documentation is required to qualify for a commercial loan?

    Requirements may vary according to the borrower’s situation or background.

  • What interest rates can I expect for a commercial loan?

    Commercial loan rates are generally higher than residential loan rates, since interest rates vary according to loan purpose and the securities.

  • Do I need collateral for a commercial loan?

    Yes, in most cases, security and collateral are required. However, lenders offer unsecured loans in some special

  • How much can I borrow with a commercial loan?

    The loan size depends on various factors, including the lender’s policies, the borrower’s financials, the purpose of the loan, and the value of the collateral being offered. Generally, commercial loans can range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars.