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Refinancing Brokers

Australia’s Best Mortgage Broker For Refinancing

Abacus Finance’s Refinancing Brokers make a big claim when saying they’re the best mortgage broker for refinancing in Australia, but with 105 lenders to choose from and a 24/7 operation, we’re 100% sure we’ll find you the ideal lending partner with competitive mortgage products and cashback offers available to you nation-wide.

If you’re experiencing rate hikes and you’re worried about what refinancing is going to do to your monthly mortgage expenses, our refinancing brokers can simulate the numbers and help you restructure your home loan to try to make the repayments more manageable.

Don’t go directly to the banks, reduce your interest costs by engaging Abacus Finance’s Mortgage Broker Refinance Specialists. Our refinancing service costs you nothing, but is likely to save you thousands.


Mortgage Broker Refinance Specialists

Abacus Finance's Mortgage Broker Refinance Specialists work with 105 lenders, each with their own specific lending criteria. Whether you're a casual worker with irregular income, whether you're self employed, a non-resident, or if your financial situation has changed since the time of your initial application and approval, our refinance specialists are trained to know where to find your ideal solutions. It's in our best interest to keep your mortgage interest rates as low as possible, so you choose us as your finance partner for life.

24/7 Refinancing Brokers

We'll work day and night to suit your working schedule. Of course, most people work a 9-5, so operating outside of these hours and being available to you at all times for clear communication is essential. You can call, email or message us on Wechat.

$0 For Mortgage Broker Refinance

Our Mortgage Brokers cost you nothing and potentially save you thousands. We'll secure you competitive finance rates and conditions to your situation. We get commissioned by the banks with zero incentive around interest rates. We keep them as low as possible.

105 Lenders & Loan Services

Our refinancing Mortgage Brokers access many lenders including private lending, 3rd tier lenders, the major banks, and building societies. This means no matter what your situation, we have home loan options for those who don't tick all the bank's boxes.

Multi-Lingual Advice

If you're worried about refinancing, there are many financial relief services available in Australia, including mortgage holidays. Our multilingual refinancing brokers will inform you of the resources available. It's better to talk to us openly.

Refinancing Brokers Can Reduce Repayments

As a Mortgage Broker, refinance products include giving you the option to think about debt consolidation. Assuming you have equity in your house, and assuming you’re paying off several other loans other than your home loan, then you can bundle these into one easy to manage payment. Yes, refinancing your personal loans into your home loan increases the overall debt, but if it’s at a lower interest rate and you will avoid penalties for missed payments, you could be side-stepping a spiral of debt that is hard to get out of. It’s best to explore these options if you’re experiencing financial hardship and being completely open with our refinancing brokers.



First, know your financial position and what the 2023 rates increase is going to do to your personal cash flow. Make a budget and assess affordability.
Consider bundling all of your personal loans into your home loan avoiding missed payments & penalties fees that will accrue interest.
Get one to two weeks ahead of your mortgage repayments, creating a buffer in case you have emergency expenses one week.
Our refinancing brokers are happy to revisit your financial situation every year or two. The market changes often and so should your lending options.

A Hassle-Free Application Process

A refinancing application is usually an easy process, especially if we continue with the same lender. First and foremost, you won't have to lift a finger once we have your updated information. We do the heavy lifting for you, negotiating with the banks. You'll get notified every step of the way and we'll present several options to you with our primary recommendation. Our refinancing brokers will organise all of the paperwork, and once agreed, all you'll need to do is give us the thumbs up, and then arrange a signing of documents with the lender. This can either be in-person, or with some lenders, you can use Docusign, an electronic signing of documents