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Home Loan Brokers

When the bank says no, the best home loan brokers in Australia, say yes. Abacus Finance has 105 specialist lenders bidding for your home loan. You'll get the best cash back offers, the best home loan rates, and the ideal, specialist lender for your circumstances. Whether you're a first-time home buyer, a self-employed business owner, or a savvy property investor, we'll access the funds you need.

The Best Home Loan Brokers Compare 105 Lenders

Abacus Finance finds you the best home loan rates available in Australia, matching your financial position. We have of 105 lenders to choose from so that you gain access to the lowest rates, and specialist home loan products for your situation. We have lenders that niche in first home loans, low deposit loans, low doc loans, SMSF lending, casual employment and that’s only scratching the surface. We’re the most committed, and the best home loan brokers you’ll find, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Working with Abacus means you won’t have to deal with difficult lenders and be left guessing. We have the best home loan brokers working hard to make life easy for you. You’ll get fast, clear communication, including an indication of approval probability after a short conversation to help you make informed decisions about your property journey.


Why We’re The Best Home Loan Brokers

Top interest rates

Gain access to the top interest rates available in Australia.

Professional Service

Abacus finance does not charge you any direct fees for our service.Our aim to the professional service we offer is to provide products and services that meet your needs.

A large selection of loans and services

Our professional Mortgage Brokers are connected with many channels of loan products and services for people who not always fit the norm.

Multi-Lingual Services

We are the first choice for international property investor as mortgage brokers because our office is multi-lingual, speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, & English. You can have fluent conversations with our staff members in your first language.

One-step network for everything property.

Abacus Finance has partnered with one of the largest house and land providers in Australia. This means that you can access independent property research to make intelligent and informed investment decisions. Aside from the House and land opportunities, we also partner with property experts that specialise in Apartment Investments , Townhouse Investments and Commercial investments.

Home Loan Fixed Rate

This type of home loan gives you the certainty that you will be paying the same interest rate and repayment amount over a fixed period of time. However, you cannot make extra repayments with a fixed rate home loan or have an offset account linked to your loan.

Home Loan Variable Rate

This type of home loan gives you the certainty that you will be paying the same interest rate and repayment amount over a fixed period of time. However, you cannot make extra repayments with a fixed rate home loan or have an offset account linked to your loan.

Home loans
interest rates

The right home loan with a low interest rate and a *CPR: Comparison rate will save you money



Enjoy a Hassle-Free Home Loan Shopping Experience

With Abacus Finance, you can save time and energy. You eliminate the lengthy and difficult process of looking for home loan products that meet your needs and match your profile. Our professional mortgage brokers are connected with different banks and lenders. Their knowledge and experiences can help you find the right home loan product sooner than you will be able to on your own.

With Abacus, your application will also be smoother and with lesser stress and difficulties. This is because our experts are well-connected, and they know the application process inside and out.Once you have decided on the home loan product that you want, we will help you prepare and submit the requirements. Then, you can expect the approval of your mortgage within 48 hours.

Learn more about applying for home loans today. Contact us for enquiries.


FAQ's For Home Loans

  • Why should I go to a home loan broker instead of to the bank?

    A broker can give you a list of all suitable lenders along with the pros and cons of each one. By going to a broker, you will have access to a ton of helpful information to help you navigate a big life decision like owning a home.

  • Are home loan brokers’ services free?

    In most cases, you don’t need to pay to use the services of a home loan broker.

  • How can a home loan broker save me money?

    An expert home loan broker knows ways to get you the best home loan deals by comparing the rates of different lenders as well as the fees that they charge.

  • What if I already have an existing loan? Can a broker assist me with that?

    Yes, brokers can assist you with refinancing. Just like with a new loan application, it typically starts with finding
    you the best lender and loan product.

  • How long does the home loan application take?

    It depends on various factors. The average length of home loan application is 4 to 6 weeks from application to settlement.

  • What information do I need to provide to a home loan broker?

    The most common requirements are proof of income, recent bank statements, and personal identifications. Supporting documents will be required depending on your income source and residence status.

  • How do I know if a home loan broker is reputable?

    Your mortgage broker must have an Australian Credit Licence governed by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.

  • Can a home loan broker help me if I have a bad credit history?

    Yes. Brokers can connect you with specialist lenders that give home loan products to people dealing with bad credit history or people who have eligibility problems to qualify through a traditional lender.

  • What types of loans can home loan brokers assist me with?

    Brokers can assist you with your first home loan, property investment loan, car loan commercial loan, personal loan, debt consolidation, and more.

  • Can a home loan broker assist me if I am a first home buyer?

    Yes. Brokers can assist you with every question you may have along the way connecting you to the right lenders suited for your needs.