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Get To Know Our Brokers

Expert Team

Abacus Finance is a team of strong-willed, diligent people working towards one goal–providing world-class service to people who dream of owning homes and investment properties.

As straightforward as this goal is, the team consists of a variety of personalities with their own personal goals and quirks.

Michael Wei

Melbourne Box Hill Branch Manager

With a “work hard play hard” attitude, it’s not hard to believe that Michael’s favorite part about being a broker is having the satisfaction of solving a client’s loan-related problem. And this is a fact no one can deny about him. He rakes in results using this mindset. Hundreds of satisfied clients, hundreds of dream homes made possible.

8 years of being a broker taught Michael how to deal with clients of different backgrounds. Communicating well with them has become second nature to him now.  

Michael is a team player who wants to see the company grow together. He does this by sharing important insights with everybody, lessons he learned in his long years in the trade. 

Anson Wong

Canberra Branch Manager

Prior to being a broker, Anson was already in the finance field. With this experience, he dabbled into being a broker for Abacus Finance, excelled at it, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Anson loves the overall go-getter perspective of his team at Abacus Finance. He has seen the company grow over time, and along with it, he and the rest of the team did, too. 

For Anson, the greatest competitor he has is himself. With this mindset, he strives to be a little better each day. When it comes to handling clients, he channels this principle, too. He goes beyond what is expected of him with every client that he handles. This, along with trust, is the most important thing for him in his job. 

Leo Lin

Melbourne CBD Branch Manager

A true professional, Leo loves not just reaching but breaking milestones. With 6 years of experience as a broker under his belt, Leo has gained confidence in handling each client with efficiency and excellent service. 

Leo was awarded the Elite Broker Outsource Financial Award of 2021! For him, providing sound advice and good service comes first when it comes to attending to clients.

Leo loves this job that allows him to get closer to his goal of purchasing as many properties as he can in the future. Leo learned directly from the CEO, and up to this day, the most valuable lessons he has learned in this trade are thanks to this mentorship.

David Chan

Canberra Branch Broker

For David, nothing beats the joy of seeing moms and dads get the home of their dreams. This is what makes being a broker a fulfilling career path for him despite the challenges. He believes his client’s success and happiness are his, too. 

Having a background in finance and commerce as his major of studies coupled with a great interest in the real estate market, one can say that David is cut out to be in this field. 

The dynamic and ever-evolving team at Abacus Finance has been his family for two years. This family has encouraged him to find his strength in a rather challenging environment. 

Kiky Zhou

Melbourne CBD Branch Broker

While Kiky is a fledgling in the brokering world, she has been enjoying the job because it fuels the qualities she loves the most about herself–being hardworking and passionate. 

She has been quickly making progress by learning things on her own and getting the right guidance from her co-brokers and the Abacus leadership. She looks up to the seniors at the company as her role models.

To this day, Kiky gets to hone her skills in time management and communication with every client she successfully helps. Her goal is to become one of the best in the industry, and he track record and progress shows it’s not impossible. 

Nicole Ng

Melbourne Box Hill Branch Broker

With a background in finance, Nicole jumped straight into the brokering business. With her regret-nothing attitude, she makes sure to come up with tailor-fit solutions to clients’ needs.  To her, brokering requires great thinking skills and, it’s been 4 years and Nicole has proven this approach to be effective. 

Other than providing help to customers, the best thing about Nicole’s job is that it doesn’t feel like such. She is surrounded by helpful friends on a daily, making the most challenging parts of the job bearable. She enjoys the family she has found in Abacus Finance. 

Kai Xiong

KST Support

Kai’s first job didn’t disappoint, nor did he! He as already mastered skills that he trusts will guide his future down this path. 

He loves the positive and competitive working environment at Abacus Finance, it’s one that pushes everyone to their best.

Kai believes in the importance of trust to have a good relationship with clients. He delivers quality service and accepts no other way of doing work than this. It’s a pleasure for him to be able to help people in need. Being a broker takes wit and intelligence, and Kai’s excellence over his time in Abacus Finance proves that he possesses both.

Jameson Yu

KST Support

At first glance, Jameson’s hobby model crafting may seem so far from his day job as a broker, but his analytical thinking skills surely help in both. Surely, patience and great analytical skills are must-haves in this industry. 

Jameson loves credit assessment among all things that he does in his job. He simply enjoys going into the tiniest details. No wonder the most important thing for him in this job is patience. It also helps that prior to joining the abacus family, he has an extensive background in accounting. 

Jameson is kind and patient and values the kind of culture that Abacus has in place for everyone.