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Why choosing an excellent broker matters

You might be wondering, “does it matter?” While it seems like it is not that big of a deal, finding the right mortgage broker makes a ton of difference. 

Purchasing a property, whether it is your first time or not, entails a lot of work. After all, it is a big purchase. Some say that a house is going to be the biggest buy of your entire life.

There is a thin line between a smooth house purchase and a stressful one. And this is where making the right choice of broker comes in. 

But they all do the same thing.

Well, yes. So do all History teachers in the country, but you still have your favourite one because they made the class exciting. 

The mortgage brokers in your area have access to the same lenders and products, but what sets a great broker apart from another is how they present your options to you. 

You should talk to a number of brokers first before you decide on one. Now, before the hunting commences, use the following as a checklist of the things to look for in a broker.

Knowledge Depth in Product Offerings

An excellent mortgage broker knows the difference between one mortgage and another.. And, they should be able to tell you which suits you better based on your situation. 

It will help if you are familiar with your options, too. If you have already done advanced research, you can use that as a reference to determine whether the broker you are talking with can explain to you your options quite well.

This characteristic is important because the point of hiring a mortgage broker is to make sure that you are getting the best mortgage option there is. This will lie greatly on a broker’s expansive knowledge of products. 

When you know the benefits and features of all lenders available to you, you will be making a wise and informed decision. 

Keen Attention to Details

When you submit your application and other information to a lending institution for loan approval; they peruse the documents. A little flaw could reduce your chances of getting approved.

When a broker is attentive to the littlest details, that is a good sign. Sometimes, the chances of getting approved for a loan depend on how your information is arranged and presented. 

For a transaction that involves a huge amount of money, you sure have to be careful and accurate about all the information you present. 

Finding an attentive and organized broker is already winning half of the battle. 

brokers provide a comprehensive breakdown for your information

Commitment and Willingness to Help

Some people do their job just for the sake of showing up. You don’t want to hire someone who is not committed to giving you the best mortgage option. 

When a broker really cares, they will do everything to help you get the lowest rates you can get. 

These are the kinds of brokers that you recommend to friends and family. So take it as a good sign if a broker is recommended to you by people in your circle.


Being one of the best life teachers, experience does play a lot in a broker’s overall competence. This is not to discount the ability of the newcomers in the field. However, it is undeniable that a seasoned broker with years of experience of dealing with various clients under their belt is likely to help you better than a rookie. 

You can easily check this off the list by asking around for recommendations. Ask friends, relatives, or colleagues if they have any recommendations for a broker. If they do, ask why. Before scheduling an appointment with that broker, you already have an idea of their competence. 

Asking around will also help you get a comparison for service rates. Brookers get a percentage of the loan as their commission. Even this is different from broker to broker so it wouldn’t hurt (in fact it will prepare you) to ask about rates. 


You must also consider the availability and accessibility of the broker. First, they must be able to answer you quickly when you have questions during the consultation phase. 

 Additionally, you have to consider their office’s location and operating hours. This is because a mortgage is not a short-time deal. And between the time you put in your application and the end of the mortgage contract, there will be instances when you will need the assistance of your broker. That is when you want to use your equity, make extra payments, or renew your mortgage contract. 

A mortgage loan is a big deal. And it will probably have the biggest impact on your financial health for the years to come. The first step to avoiding mortgage-related stress in the future is finding the right broker for you.

After that first step, a whole complicated process follows. Let an excellent broker take care of that for you. At Abacus Financial, you can experience a much easier mortgage application process because the whole thing will be streamlined for you. From consultation to approval, you will be closely assisted.